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At Cambridge Pond Cleaning Services we have over 20 years experience in caring for fish. We love to do the mucky jobs you hate, leaving you free to enjoy your fish in a clean and healthy pond.

Our Services include :- Vacuuming your pond, Installing/Cleaning your filters and UV filters, Water Testing, Install/Repair of liners, Pond Design and Building and a Fish Sitting Service.

We clean your pond with a powerful vacuum. This sucks up and removes any leaves, sludge, old food and dead insects which if left causes decay and cloudy water, taking valuable oxygen away from your fish.

We can advise, install and clean all types of filters, replace sponges and all types of media and brushes.

We change and supply all types of UV filters and tubes to help keep your pond water clear, not green. We can test your water for nitrates, nitrites and ammonia, which are the biggest killers of fish.

We can install, repair and supply liners and under liners.

We can design or redesign your pond from just a hole in the ground to something rather special.

You tell us what you want and we can make it happen.

Going on holiday? We can offer a fish sitting service so your fish are looked after and don't starve whilst you are away.

If you need advice call us for a professional service on NEW NUMBER 07428 633664 WE ARE HERE TO HELP NO JOB TO SMALL NUMBERS OF DELIGHTED CUSTOMERS GIVEN

ON REQUEST Unlike fish shops that may try to sell you things you don't need, we won't. We offer a polite, punctual and professional service.

So why not get rid of that mucky green water and see your fish again!